Saturday, November 9, 2013

Transition week 26.2

Transition week

Today I had an awesome 14 mile run that started at 5:30 am.  I like the sound of that :)!

This week I transitioned from the half marathon training plan to the full marathon.  As I'm sure you are aware I am training for the breast cancer marathon in February in Jacksonville Florida.  I'm very excited about this because running for a cause makes the miles go by so faster.  It's bar to roll over and go back to sleep to an extra 60-90 minutes when I know there are people suffering from in this case breast cancer.  I am honored to be able to raise money for this awesome cause.  

Back to my training.  I ran 30 minutes both Monday AM and Wednesday PM.  Both runs were great and were certainly therapy runs for me.  I ind that if I miss my Monday run completely it throws off my week.  

My priority for this week while I'm on vacation is to make sure I get both Monday and Wednesdays run in the morning.  I'm not sure what ill do as far as cross training but ill be sure to do a bunch of walking with Emma and Cindy and just with Cindy.

So why a marathon now?  Why 26.2 with Donna now?  Why not continue working to get under two hours in the half  marathon?  Great questions!  For one going for a time goal takes a lot of the fun away from running.  There is a place for speed work and getting faster and I am doing that.   I am working on endurance and building my running base.  Why 26.2 with Donna in Florida?  Primarily because of Jeff Galloway, Chris Twiggs, Donna Deegan, and Kevin.  I was introduced to this marathon through the extra mile podcast.  Also the pace groups use run/walk/run.  This really excites me because that will take the guesswork out of my training.  The biggest reason why I want to run this marathon in 2014 is because of the awesome cause and that it is the only marathon that focuses completely on breast cancer.  100% if any donation goes to research and patient care.  It doesn't get any better than that!  If you want to donate please go to my fundraiser page.  Thanks for reading and considering a donation.

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