Sunday, January 26, 2014

20.2 mile training run 01/26/14

To summarize my run in one word I'd have to go with "cold."  The first 12 or 13 miles went great because I had a bunch of stops at gas stations, a Rite Aid, and the Midtown Scholar.  Looking back I realized that it would have been a smart move to go back to my house after the Midtown Scholar stop just for a few moments to "re-set and refuel."  I didn't do that because I wanted to make sure that I didn't stop my run sooner than I should.

I ended up doing an out and back that made my run 20.2 miles.  My core was too cold and my hands were freezing so I made the wise choice and stopped running.  It wasn't because I quit... rather it was me being smart.  I recognize the only person who is going to give me a hard time about not running the last 6 miles is myself.  My wife actually commented that she was proud of me that I chose to be smart and stop rather than stubborn.  It took a good 30 minutes to get my core warmed up.

The awesome things about this run.
1.  I ran from Hershey all the way to Harrisburg and I even went well beyond my house and ended up going to Linglestown Rd & N 6th St and then ran home.
2.  I had several people texting me and and providing encouragement.  This was essential for me to get as far as I did :-).
3.  I was able to stop along the way and warm up at Rutters, Sheetz, Rite Aid, and Midtown Scholar.  It was fun trying to find as many places to stop as I could that had WiFi.
4.  The important support that my wife and daughter provided on the route.
5.  The reality that I did 20.2 miles in the very cold by myself (with support of my wife, and my virtual support from several friends).
6.  What I did today officially makes me prepared for the 26.2 with Donna in Jacksonville Florida.  The weather today for Jacksonville Florida was a high of 60 degrees.
7.  I was able to go out for dinner this evening hand had some very yummy food that I typically wouldn't have.
8.  This is probably the biggest and most important point:  That I'm running for something greater than myself.  I ran today specifically for those I know about that have either fought a battle with breast cancer and lost or who are currently fighting breast cancer and are winning.  They are the ones that provided the extra encouragement and motivation to get out on a 10 degree morning to run 20 miles.  This is what makes every moment of it worth it.

So far I'm running for these people.  I still have several miles left.  Please let me know if you have someone you have either lost to breast cancer or who is fighting it now.

People I am running for on Feb 23, 2014.  Let’s #finishbreastcancer

1.     IN HONOR OF: Mary Catherine H (Mom of Chris H)
2.     IN HONOR OF: Laura G (Co-worker’s wife of Chris H)
3.     IN HONOR OF: Joan (friend of Kathryn H– TNT)
4.     IN HONOR OF: Connie (friend of Kathryn H– TNT)
5.     IN MEMORY OF: Vivian (friend of Kathryn H– TNT)
6.     IN HONOR OF: Vicky (Aunt of Francis M)
7.     IN HONOR OF: Debbie C (Friend of Diana K – TNT)
8.     IN HONOR OF: Lori W (My mom’s friend)
9.     IN HONOR OF: Ann S (My mom’s friend)
10. IN HONOR OF: Rita (Mark B – Beth Ann’s mom)
11. IN MEMORY OF Kathy R (Michelle S friend)
12. IN MEMORY OF Barb E (Michelle S friend)

Those are twelve huge reasons why I ran today.  Will you help me #finishbreastcancer ?

100% of the money you donate goes to breast cancer research and to help those who are going through the treatment of breast cancer.  Will you join my team?  Thanks!