Sunday, January 5, 2014

22 Lessons from 22 miles

22 lessons learned from my 22 mile run
1.  YakTrax are awesome.
2.  Running 8.5 miles in a few inches of powered snow with Yaktraxs is much easier than running farther in regular shoes on snow/ice/and pavement.
3.  Having friends who are willing to text during the run is a huge help.
4.  Trying to respond to the said friends via text is difficult when it is very cold.
5.  When planning to start at noon it is important to actually start at noon for a long run because otherwise the sun goes down and it is much colder.
6.  Having a mix of podcasts and music is helpful when running by yourself.
7.  When my typical running route is changed significantly it is important to make more specific changes prior to the day of the run.
8.  It is OK to run at least 8.5 miles with Yaktrax without having any difficulty... it would have probably been better to run the entire 22/23 miles with them.
9.  When running in the cold and wind it is important to use the hand warmers that you can buy for a buck at Dick's Sporting Goods.  My only regret was that I waited way too long to try this and it took a while to get hot.
10.  Meeting a friend to run a portion of the run is an incredible help.  Not only does this help me stay "out of my head" it also makes it more enjoyable.
11.  Since I enjoy running with other so much it very clear that I am a social runner and that I enjoy running with others.
12.  There is no way that I would have done this run if it was just for me to accomplish my own goals.  I run for those who can't!
13.  Having a second pair of shoes to switch out after 8.5 miles helped keep my feet warm.  Didn't have any issues with my feet getting cold.
14.  Being able to see the amazing sunset made it worth it.

15.  Having my wife and daughter meet me at mile 18 to give me my Knuckle Lights was very encouraging.
16.  Placing my car at a convenient place really helped to make sure I was able drop off things I didn't need and pick up things I did.
17.  For the first part of the run (8.5) miles I wore at least one layer less than I thought I would need.
18.  I could have used that layer that I did not need for the first part for the last 4 miles.
19.  The hardest part of the run was getting out there.
20.  The next hardest part was pushing through when I was alone and in the dark.
21.  Lights don't work very well in the bitter cold.  I think my Knuckle Lights are defective so I'm having them send me new ones (hopefully).  Otherwise they work great and I recommend them.
22.  I am totally OK with cutting my run a mile short.  I did this because it was dark and my family was worried about me.  This run was a success and I'm proud of myself for doing this.
Bonus:  when I run my 26 mile training run in three weeks I hope that the weather is not like this, but if it is I will start earlier and I will make sure I take note of all the lessons I've learned.

Again, I'm running to finish breast cancer.  My fundraiser page is:
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