Saturday, January 18, 2014

26.2 training 1/18/14

My weekday run consisted of a 3 mile run on Thursday.  It was truly a therapy run for me as it was a stressful week.  I used a 4:1 ratio.  The more runs I use run/walk/run the more convinced I am this is the way to go.  No spin this week.

Today, I met up with my TNT buddies.  I am very grateful for this run with friends because I've done a lot of runs solo.  I must say my friend Linda is the one that ran with me on my last long run of 22 miles (for about 8-9 miles), but other than that I've run solo.  The cool thing about running with TNT is that they have a purpose rather than "just running to run."  We all run to find a cure.  Currently I'm running to find a cure for breast cancer, but that doesn't mean that I'm not also running to find a cure for blood cancer.

The most memorable things about this run were:
1.  Being able to run in the snow for two miles before I met up with TNT as the only footprints on the Greenbelt (there was a bike that went through before me).
2.  Meeting up with friends I haven't seen in a while.
3.  Running with a friend who was using 3/1 ratio and catching up.
4.  Getting to talk with my TNT coach from last season at the meetup afterwards (alumni).
5.  Talking with a friend who ran the Dopey in Orlando Florida and seeing the cool shirt and medals (6 total)!  Way to go Todd!
6.  Running on this kind of snow is refreshing and easier on the body.
7.  Running a 12 minute pace using a 3/1 ratio for me was very comfortable and relaxing as I was able to talk and truly enjoy the run.
8.  Cancer is cancer in my book and I want to kick cancers butt... regardless of what kind it is!

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