Saturday, January 11, 2014

26.2 traninng 1/11/14

This week it was COLD!  I missed my workouts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I decided to draw the line in the sand on Thursday.  I woke up without my alarm at about 3:50am or so.  I was determined to get to the gym to do an early 5:15am spin class and then run a 5k on the treadmill.  I did this and it was much easier to get up than I thought.  I posted on Facebook that I was doing this and asked for accountability.  Basically I would buy a hot beverage ($5 gift card) for the person who "called me out" if I missed.  I knew that was the little extra that I might need to get me out the door.

The 5k treadmill run after the bike was obviously much more challenging than just a typical run, but it felt good and I ran the last .5 mile at a fast for me pace.

Today, I had 6 miles of run/walk/run on the schedule.  Overall it was a simple run.  Got up again without my alarm (not sure how, but I guess I'm starting to get better at this).  I had to be very careful out there because there was still a lot of ice (some I could see and some not so much).  I'm thankful I was able to stay safe out there.

The coolest part of this week in regards to running was that my story was published on a blog that is read by many other readers.  This was exciting for me :-).  This blog is

I'm also raising money to finish breast cancer.  Would you help me reach my goals with fundraising?  My goal is to raise $2,620.  So far my amazing support has brought in $353.60.  Will you help me get closer to this goal? 

Thanks!   #runhappy #rundonna