Saturday, February 8, 2014

15 days and counting... #FinishBreastCancer

This winter has been ROUGH.  I have had difficulty getting to the gym when it wasn't advisable to run outside.  I have gotten in all my long runs, but my weekday runs have simply been difficult.

Yesterday, Friday, I went for my 6 mile taper run.  It went extremely well as my legs were quite fresh.  I ran a little faster than I my plan suggested.  I ran without music and I ran on the roads near my house.

It is hard to believe that my second marathon is coming up in 15 days.  By the time you read this it will be 14 days and counting.  I am very excited and I know that I am ready to run this race.

I'm not going to focus on my time, but rather have an enjoyable time taking in the sights.  I will likely still get a PR just because I'm in better shape and by using run/walk/run I am generally faster. 

I look forward to going to Florida to run this race.  I will meet my e-coach from last fall Chris Twiggs and I anticipate also being able to meet Donna Deegan as she is 2-3 time breast cancer survivor.

I plan to wear pink as my race singlet.  The only trouble is getting a pink singlet that will fit me.  I also plan to write all of the people I'm running for on the back of my shirt.  I won't typically wear pink, but for an amazing cause I will do it!

Will YOU help me reach my goal of raising $1,000.00?  It would mean so much to me.  As your reward for me accomplishing my own personal fundraising goal (I am NOT required to raise funds, I'm doing this because I believe in the cause) I will wear pink the first day I get back to work.

Here's my fundraising site.  I only need $300.00.  I KNOW my friends can do this :).  No pressure, but it would be awesome to play a part in #FinishingBreastCancer