Saturday, February 1, 2014

26.2 training 2/1/14

This week I was challenging mentally for me.  Due to the way things worked last weekend for my long run I felt "off" all week.  I did not do any of my weekday runs due to having a difficult time getting up early in the morning.

Today, Saturday 2/1 however, I had a great day.  The forecast was for much warmer temps (20's) while I was running and then later in the day it was to be around 32 or so.  I was tempted to run in my shorts, but I decided against it since I ran most of the run in the dark.

It was wonderful to get back out there this morning.  I feel great after the run.  It was interesting to think of a 7 mile run as a distance that I don't really need to break up into pieces (other than go out 3.5 and back 3.5 miles.

The most memorable thing about this run is that I really was the only runner out there this morning.  I wasn't out all that early or for that long so that was a little weird for me.  Also I didn't see anyone riding a bike, but did a see a few people walking their dogs.  So yeah, it wasn't super memorable other than that I did it :-).

So how do I feel about the taper?  Well since I didn't run at all until today it has been difficult being in the taper.  I felt like 7 miles was pretty much a warm up (since I just came off such long runs recently).

As of typing this post it is 21 days and 19 hours until the race!

So far I have raised $629.80.  Will you help me get to $1000.00?  Any amount makes a huge difference.

Also here at the people I'm officially running for on Feb 23, 2014 who have been impacted by Breast Cancer.  Some are winning the battle and a few lost their battle.  Would you let me run for your loved one (honor of/memory of).  It would be a huge encouragement to me when I get to mile 20 of the marathon to know that what I'm doing is more than finishing my second marathon... i'm running for something greater than myself.  Thanks!  Please either post here, post on facebook or email me at natewagner08 at gmail dot com