Saturday, February 15, 2014

7 days until 26.2 with Donna

I'm really excited to head to Florida on Friday (2/21).  I have wanted to do this marathon for several years (before I had even ran a marathon I knew this was one I HAD to run). 

This week was very difficult on the running front.  I have to admit that I didn't get any of my runs in this week.  Some of that was the weather, some of that was not wanting to get up in the morning, and some of it was me getting sick.  This will be the first long run that I missed completely which was 6 miles and I intended to do it today.  We have a "fair amount" of snow (in some places it's over a foot).  I think I have a cold so I'm taking it easy today.  If I feel a lot better tomorrow (Sunday) I'll go ahead and get a few miles in, but I"m not going to push it.

I've thought a lot about taking things easy and not wanting to get injured.  My attitude about the race is that I've done the work (even though some of my runs were not as good or as long as I wanted them to be).  I still did two runs of 20 miles or more.  I am ready and maybe my legs will be refreshed rather than sluggish. 

I am looking forward to this race on so many levels.  First, my family and I get to take a vacation to Florida.  I get to run the National marathon to finish breast cancer #runDonna.  I get to meet Chris Twiggs my e-coach from last year.  We get to get away from the snow.  I should be able to meet some amazing people while we are down there.  We get away from the snow.  The coolest part of this race is that finishing the marathon will be the second most important thing I did that day.  More important than any of this is the reality that I have raised about $700 to finish breast cancer.

I am staying focused on the positive and making sure that I take care of myself this week.  I remember that the week before MCM 2012 I was sick and I was very strong for the race.  A little cold isn't going to keep me from having an awesome time.

I am mostly keeping my specific goal to myself.  Depending on how I feel I may go for a more specific goal, but I have been reminded that whereas this is a fast course it is one that I want to "soak in the sights."  I also will be running a little bit over two miles on the beach and I'm pretty excited about that :-).

#FinishBreastCancer #runhappy