Sunday, March 30, 2014

Race report: Capital 10-Miler - a run for the arts

Today I had my "most interesting" 10 mile race.  It became more of a mud run!  The forecast was 39 degrees--Wind speed 15 mph--Steady rain--Real feel 27 degrees.  Not ideal for a run, but I was running as a part of the Reily Regiment for Organization for Autism Research so no matter what the weather I was going to do my best.

I decided that it was important to be warm and dry as I could be so I ran 5 miles with a black trash bag over me.  I ditched the black bag a the second water stop.

After this point I decided to run through the some small and many large puddles.  I figured that my feet were already wet so why bother going around them.  It was SO MUCH easier to just run through them rather than around.  I passed several people this way :-).

Some of the things that I told myself during the race was "I feel good, I feel great," "relax, power, glide," "Just keep swimming," among others.

I used a 4/1 ratio for the first 7 miles.  This helped me to finish strong in the end.

During the last 3 miles I was inspired to run faster because I was running for OAR and more specifically for Alexander.  Thinking about this little guy and how hard he works to overcome his obstacles made my obstacles seems easy.  He is such an inspiration!

By far the hardest part of the race was running an out and back on the Harvey Taylor Bridge.  The cool thing was that I saw a few of my friends (Mike, Shelly, Mike) while I was on the bridge.

I made it a goal to pass 10 people while we were going back across the bridge.  I did pass 9 and was running with the 10th person toward the walking bridge.  I felt really good still so I decided to push it.   At this point in the race I was on a role and because of my 4/1 walk breaks for the first 7 miles I still felt great (even though I was cold and wet).  I still passed more people going to the finish line even though there were gusts of wind of at least 20 miles per hour (at least it felt like they were that strong).

I'm very pleased with a new PR of about 1:41 unofficial.

This is from after the race.  I was wet and cold, but still very happy after the race.