Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week 1 post 26.2 with donna

I had a wonderful time running in Florida and even though it rained at the end it was a great experience.

On Monday (the day after the marathon) I did a very slow, recovery run on the treadmill.  I put in two miles.  Overall, it felt good and it was helpful to get all that lactic acid out of my muscles.  I don't know about you, but I've read a bunch of studies that have suggested that it is better to run very slow after a hard race.

There are a lot of factors that helped me avoid the "marathon blues," this time.  First, I had an extra day or so before I needed to go back to work which helped.  Also, after my first marathon (MCM 2012) hurricane Sandy came through and forced us to leave earlier than expected which was frustrating.

The second factor was that I was aware of the possibility of being depressed after this run.

The third and last factor that I'm going to mention today is that I used the Galloway method for my training.  This meant that my recovery was much quicker and that I was able to enjoy the Jacksonville Zoo as well as keep a positive view after the marathon.

I ran 6 miles today at Messiah College.  This was fun because I've never felt so good after a race.  I could have gone farther, but I wanted to take things easy.  I ran with a few people that I've never run with before.  This was cool and we were able to use the 3:1 ratio.  It some way I was somewhat of a "pace group leader" since I made sure all three of us stuck together.  I ran slower during the last three miles because I didn't want to pull ahead, but I still felt wonderful.

Now several hours after the run I still feel excellent.

Next goal?  I have a 10 mile race that I'm running for my friend Linda.  She was injured last year and had this race deferred.  Now she's running a race in Philly on that day so I'm running in her place.  She runs for Autism Awareness and I will be sure to have something to represent this cause.  One of my favorite things about running is being able to do it for someone other than myself.  I truly believe that running has changed my life for the positive.  I am so grateful for it.

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