Saturday, April 19, 2014

Week 1 BIH time goal training

This week was difficult due to allergies.  I was not able to get as often or as long I last week.  However, I did get out for a solid two mile run on Wednesday and I was feeling much better.

Today, Saturday, I had my long run of 8 miles.  It went very well.  I ran with a 3/1 ratio and I was able to chat with two of my TNT friends for quite some time.  My running buddies and I were re-acquainted with some of our dear "friends" that coach Larry placed throughout the course.  These friends are the "hilly" type and I have grown to appreciate them.

The best part of this run was the conversation during the run and after.  I enjoy running for the sake of running, but it's even more enjoyable when I can run with someone.

I received my training schedule from my e-coach Friday night.  I was very excited because this schedule is much more challenging than the one I received last year.  I am ready to step up to the challenging and I know that they only way I'm going to accomplish my goal of a sub 2 hour half marathon is if I do the work required and pay the required price to do that.  I will be doing speed work (800's) every other week and I'll actually go all the way up to 19 miles.  Yes, 19 miles for the half marathon.  The point of this is so that I will have more than enough endurance to run at the required pace of 9 min miles for the entire race.  I'm extremely excited about this and I was ecstatic that this training will still be challenging with this being a half marathon goal race.

Something that is an essential part of the success of this training plan is that I consistently follow the plan and keep my coach in the loop about how things are going.

I need YOUR HELP with this.  Please email me, text me, comment on this to keep me accountable with this.  Thanks!