Friday, April 25, 2014

Week 2 BIH time goal training

As you probably know I'm training to get a sub two hour half marathon at Bird-in-Hand on September 6, 2014.  I ran this race last year as a training run and had a wonderful time.  This year I'm preparing to crush it :-).

This week I had off from work so I was able to get all my runs in before my day got away from me.  I ran about 6 miles in Hershey on Monday and at least 5.5 miles in Harrisburg at Wildwood Lake.  Both of these runs had decent "friends" (AKA hills) that I was re-acquainted with.  Both of these runs went very well and it was awesome to not be rushed.  I need to recreate this atmosphere to help me to be consistent and get these 5-6 mile runs in twice a week along with my long run.

My Saturday run needed to be moved to Friday.  I did 4x800's.  I knew this wouldn't be a problem, but that I needed to make sure that I could regulate my speed and stay at the required speed (4:15/per 800).   I'd say I did a good job and nailed almost all of them.

My 800's time is as follows
1.  2:03 and 2:11 = 4.14 (1 second too fast... I'll take it :-) ).
2.  2:12 and 1:58 = 4:10 (slow first 400 and too fast on the second - compensated too much)
3.  2:12 and 2:03 = 4:15 (perfect overall)
4.  2:07 and 2:08 = 4:15 (awesome balance - ideal time and equal split)

Things I learned?
1 - I love running and it is so important that I am consistent.  When I am consistent I am able to be a more productive worker, husband and father.
2 - My confidence for these repeats is impacted positively by me having previous experience running 800's.  I am 100% certain that I can do this.
3 - It's easy to get the runs in when I have more flexible time.  The challenge comes when I need to handle the busyness of life/work and running all at the same time.
4 - I ran by myself this week, but my best runs or at least my most fun runs are done with friends.

Remember:  "Have a good time and your time will be good"  My friend John W