Saturday, May 3, 2014

Week 3 BIH Time goal training

This week went well.  Got in all my training runs.  Due to not getting up early enough on the week I did my week day training runs in the evening.
On Monday I ran 5.2 miles in 10:39 pace.  This was in the rain so I was just pleased to be out there.
On Thursday I ran 6.2 miles in a pace of 9:42.  This was in the evening as well and it was warm low 70's.  Felt awesome.  This put me at a 10K in just a few seconds over an hour.
Today, Saturday, I ran 10 miles in a 11.17 pace.  I used a 2:30/1 ratio.  I was running and chatting with a running buddy of mine.  It was actually an easy pace for me and we were talking the entire time.  It was so good to run with a friend of mine as it made the time go so fast.
Overall training went great this week.  Again the thing I'm working on is consistency.  Having someone run with me this morning was fantastic and helps get me out there.  I want to be out there it's just the getting up in the AM that's been tough.
I"m going to work on getting up at 5am both days on Monday and Wednesday.

The best part of these runs has been seeing the birds and the other wildlife.  I love running in the spring :-).

Until next time make sure you're "having a good time and you're time will be good."  John W