Friday, May 23, 2014

Week 6: Pace work - BIH Half time goal

I had off this morning (Friday) so I decided to do my pace work this morning.  I got to the track at Messiah College at 6am (not bad for a day off).  My pace work went well.

6x800 repeats:  Goal was 4:15 on each of the repeats.

1: 4:20 (little slow - wasn't focused on what I was doing yet)
2: 4:14 (almost right on!)
3: 4:15 (perfect)
4: 4:17 (very close)
5: 4:15 (perfect!)
6: 4:15 (perfect again!)

So I got three repeats exactly on target.  One was two seconds too slow and one was 1 second to fast.  The only other one was 5 seconds too slow (that was my first one).
Overall, I'm very pleased with what I did. 
The rest of the week went well.  I went running with Emma on Monday evening and then got in my Wednesday run in the morning.  Nothing really special to report on those two runs, other than it feels great to get my Wednesday runs back on track.

Something that I keep repeating is the importance of being and staying #consistent

It felt good to accomplish the goal times for each 800 meter repeats.  I was running faster than I normally run, but I wasn't out of breath.  It is getting easier to go faster for longer periods of time.

I have 10 miles next week and I'm very much looking forward to it.