Saturday, May 31, 2014

Week 7: 10 Miles - snail crossing/deer spotting

I started my run this morning a little bit before 5am.  There is just something about getting out the door before 5am when most others are sleeping.  I love the feeling of getting a head start on my day.  For some reason I find get up very early "fairly" easy to do on a Saturday.

Anyway, I had 10 miles on the schedule and that's what I ran today.  Coach Chris wanted me to run 10 miles using a ratio of 2:30/1:00 (Run/walk).  My desired pace was 12:00 min/mile.  I did both of these with a smile on my face.  During this run I saw a "turtle crossing" sign as well as lots of snails at one place on the greenbelt (near HACC).   At about mile 7 I looked over and I saw a deer!  (not the greatest picture but you get the idea :-).

This was super cool.  A side note that I want to share is that I was praying that I would be able to see a bright red cardinal.  I didn't see the cardinal, but a real life deer is even better!  I felt great after the run.  Strangely enough, I didn't take an ice bath and I haven't had issues with an swelling or anything.

My other two runs this week went well.  My first run was on Memorial Day after work.  It was in the mid 80's when I got off work so I decided to do the run after dinner.  I had two of my friends keep me accountable for this run since I knew it would have been very easy to skip out on it, but I knew how important it is to get the runs in on the day that it is supposed to be run (if at all possible).  So what I did was convince my wife (and daughter) that they could meet me at Dairy Queen at 7pm.  The closest DQ is about 5.5 miles away so I figured this would be perfect... and it was :-).  Family time and recovery all in one.

The second run I also did in the evening.  This run was started a little bit after 8pm.  This run was cool because I ran 5 miles and I kept my pace to just slightly over a 9 min mile using a 4/1 ratio.  What was significant about this was that this is the pace that I'll want to run my goal race.  I felt good afterwards as well.

Overall, my training is going great.  The major adjustment that I want to do is something that I've been talking about all a long... and that is getting up and doing my run in the morning rather than taking a chance and doing it in the evening.  I feel better when I run in the morning and it has a more dramatic impact in my overall well being when I do it in the morning.

Speed work next Saturday for me and my wife has her first 5K race that she's doing with Mom's in Training.  If you want to help her out you can go to her fundraiser site at

We are #relentless for a cure as a family.  Thanks!