Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week 9: 10 Miler BIH TIme goal

This week went much better.  I was able to do my runs in the morning.  I will say that my Tuesday run was challenging because it was extremely humid.  (I decided that since I did my speed work Sunday that it would be wise to take Monday off and just go back to back Tuesday and Wednesday).  I didn't even bother to try to run any of the run at a 9 minute pace.  I was much slower than normal, but I got the run in and I"m happy about that (especially that it was done in the morning).

Wednesday I also got my run in at a "slower for me pace."  The humidity was high again, but this one felt much better.  I tried to do it earlier, but after less than a minute outside I saw that it was going to be lightening so I went back inside.

My Saturday early long run started at about 5:30AM.  I love runs this early because it gives me my morning and it helps me to be really productive.  This run was wonderful.  I didn't have anyone I was running with but I had a running buddy who send me a text to see how I was doing (thanks Dr. Amanda)!   I was able to listen to the 13.1 Galloway Edition of the Extra Mile Podcast.  This is an offshoot of the podcast that I was involved with last year.  You can find the podcast I listened to HERE.  It was entertaining and enjoyable.

If you read my post two weeks ago HERE you'd know that I really like cardinals and that I was hoping to see one on that run.  I saw one on the other part of the greenbelt today at about mile 4.  I didn't get a picture but he looked something like this!

My targeted pace was 12:00 min mile for my long run.  I used a 2:30min run/1:00min walk.  This was very easy for me on a day like today.  I ran an average of :15 seconds/per mile too fast today.  It was in the 60's and that was glorious for me here in Central PA.  It's going to be very hot in the afternoons and evenings this week so I'm going to make sure I get out there to run first thing.

I believe that I may have "flipped a switch" this week.  I know that it will be close to impossible for me to accomplish my running goals or my personal goals if I don't get out there and make my runs happen.  I've been attempting to get up earlier these last few days.  Some days it works and others it doesn't.  However, I know how i feel when I sleep in and how I feel if I get up.  I feel amazing if I get up and not so much if I sleep in (actually I feel MUCH worse if I get that extra sleep and I feel rushed).

Anyway, that's a brief update on my week.  Thanks for reading.  Go out there and "have a good time and your time will be good' (John W)