Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week 15: 14 Miles BIH half training

I'm still working on consistency.  I ran Wednesday and Thursday this week.  Wednesday I ran at 4:15 am since I had a 5:30am breakfast with a good friend of mine.  I knew I wouldn't get it in later so I made it happen.  Then on Thursday I ran later than expected at 8:05am and I did a little over 5 miles.  Both runs were solid and enjoyable.

Today I had a fantastic run.  I started at 6:12am and I met up with my Team in Training friends at 7:30am.  I was on a mission to run about 7 miles solo and 7 miles with TNT.  This worked extremely well.  I used the 2:30/1:00 ratio since it was fairly cool (for a summer morning in July).  I didn't need to cut it down to 1:15/:30 since I still felt so good.

When I got home I got into a wonderful ice bath.  I feel wonderful now 4 hours later.  I feel almost "too good" after running that far.  To run 14 miles (beyond the race distance) and feel amazing is a testament to several things.  1.  I'm in good shape for me.  2.  It was cool.  3.  I hydrated and had a banana before the run and used two gels during the run.  4.  I had amazing people to run with during the last 7 miles.  Kept to the 2:30/1 ratio even though I felt good and that made me feel even more confident.  Also my pace was really good throughout.  Here were my splits....

Mile 1: 11:23
Mile 2: 11:33
Mile 3: 11:31
Mile 4: 11:17
Mile 5: 11:52
Mile 6: 11:55
Mile 7: 11:24
Mile 8: 12:32
Mile 9: 12:01
Mile 10: 11:10
Mile 11: 12:00
Mile 12: 12:01
Mile 13: 11:59
Mile 14: 10:38

Average pace was 11:40 min per mile.  Goal was 12:00 minute miles.

I'm very happy with how this run went and I'm even more pleased with how fantastic I feel.  I am so grateful for the text support I had during the first 7 miles (thanks Amanda!), and the support on the back 7 was amazing thanks Megan!  Having someone run the same pace as me is huge and the fact that she wants to run using intervals makes things much easier for both of us. 

I finished up my last day at my full-time job yesterday.  This is important for my running because now I do not need to drive an hour each way to work.  This will provide more flexibility which I'm very much looking forward to.  My plan is to run once a week with my friend I mentioned above and another day with the group of my TNT buddies.  On Saturdays I will either be doing speed work (a few more times) or a longer long run.   Saturday runs are as follows:  next week I have 12x800, then I do 16 miles, then its 13x800, then I do 19 miles (stoked about this because I'm going a full 10K beyond the distance!), then 14x800 and then my goal race half marathon.  BIH half.  I'm very excited and I've been doing a lot of visualization of the finish line reading under 2 hours :-)

Today I proved the quote "have a good time and your time will be good."  Thanks John for the quote!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Week 14: BIH Half - speed work 11x800 meters

This week I skipped my runs on Monday and Tuesday and did runs with awesome running friends on Wednesday and Thursday.
Here's the scoop for my repeats.  I wasn't consistent on my times, but I pushed through to the end.  Of course I would rather them be have each lap by the same pace, but I did what I could.

Here's the stats:
1.  2:10; 2:07 = 4:18
2.  2:00; 2:15 = 4:15 (compensated with a too fast first lap)
3.  2:11; 2:07 = 4:18
4.  2:04; 2:12 = 4:16
5.  2:10; 2:06 = 4:16
6.  2:07; 2:11 = 4:18
7. 2:17; 1:58 = 4:15 (Legs felt like lead... then picked it up)
8.  1:59; 2:15 = 4:15 (again too fast first 400 and compensated for the second 400 meters)
9.  2:09; 2:15 = 4:14
10.  2:11; 2:05 = 4:16
11.  2:05; 2:08 = 4:13
I had a hard time with these last 5 repeats.  At one point I was going to stop short of doing all the repeats.  Fortunately I was able to talk some sense into myself.  My mental strategy was basically to convince myself that I can always run 100, 200, or 400 meters.  I also was able to visualize the finish line of the Bird in Hand half marathon.
Any suggestions on how to make some improvements?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week 13 - BIH Half: 13.1 training miles

Hi all!  This week I got my runs in on Monday and Wednesday.

Monday I ran at 5am with my new running buddy.  I've been looking for someone who will meet me so early (on a consistent basis).  I'm very grateful for someone to talk with so early.  This is my "sure fire" way to get me out there.  I know that if someone is waiting for me I WILL make it out no matter what I feel like when I first get up in the morning.  We ran at least 4 miles.  It felt really good and I'm pleased with the effort and the result.

Wednesday I ran by myself.  I had 40-60 minutes on the schedule.  I decided to do 6.2 miles which took slightly longer than the 60 minutes, but I did a 10K in about 1:06 minutes.  I wasn't trying to break any time goals or anything.  It was a relaxed run.

Friday I had intended to do a 8.5 mile "moon run" near the Bird in Hand half marathon course.  I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to do this, but had 12.5 miles on the schedule and I live an hour away from this run.  It would have been super cool and I would have met some neat people (some of them were notable cool people).  The complicating factor would have been that I need to get at least 4 extra miles in before the run.  I don't know the area (other than running the race last year).  I decided against it.

Saturday, this morning, I woke up just before 5am (which is technically sleeping in for me as I try to get up at 4:00am or 4:30am on the weekdays.  Who would have ever thought that 5am would be sleeping in...  Anyway, I got all my running gear ready (water, etc) and headed out the door.  I decided to run most of the Harrisburg Half marathon course since that's the typical place I run.  I did the entire run in just over 2:30.  This was by design as my e-coach Chris (and Jeff Galloway) believes that it is important that we run slower for long runs.  My target pace was 12:00 min miles.  I was just every so slightly faster than that.

I was walking around Giant today getting our groceries for the week and I was almost feeling guilty for how amazing my legs feel after the run.  Thank you  +Jeff Galloway

The only major thing that I would change is my nutrition.  Fortunately this did not impact me in a huge way on the run, but I did not fuel before the run and I had no gels for during the run.  All I took in was water.  Next time (in two weeks), I'll be more prepared.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week 12: BIH Training

This week I finally did exactly what you put on the schedule for this week.
Monday I did my run - very humid, but I got about 4 miles in
Wednesday I did my Magic Mile at 8:07.  Not at all my fastest.  (actually quite slow compared to my best of about 7:30 MM.  The rest of the run I ran with one of my new running buddies.
Today I did my speed work (pace work).  Goal pace 4:15
repeat 1:  2;04; 2:06 = 4:10 TOO FAST
repeat 2:  2:01; 2:13 = 4:14 slightly too fast
repeat 3:  2:09; 2:08 = 4:17 slightly too slow (this was a miss management at the end)
repeat 4:  2:09; 2:06 = 4:15 right on!
repeat 5:  2:06; 206 =  4:12 (too fast, but consistent speed for entire 800).
repeat 6:  2:07; 2:08 = 4:15 right on!
repeat 7:  2:04; 2:13 = 4:17 too slow (miss management at the end)
repeat 8:  2:01; 2:15 - 4:16 (slightly too slow, but again not a tired slow down)
repeat 9:  2:06; 2:09 = 4:15 right on!
3 were right on.  I found that I tended to go out too fast in the first lap and then try to compensate in the second lap.
Coach, what should I do differently?
Overall I am pleased with the week.  It makes a HUGE difference when I get out there and do the run on the days and the times that I set out to do them. 

The humidity has messed with me this week, but my speed work went fairly well.
I think the goal is to get more of a 2:07 and a 2:08 for each lap of my pace work.
Thanks for reading!  Have an awesome day.  Go out there and enjoy the weather.. if it's hot, then just enjoy being out and if it's nice go enjoy a nice run.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another thought

My friend stated about something I had fear about but that I decided to go through..

"One of my favorite affirmations is-- the only way out is through."

She also said " not sure when I heard this, but it works. I think of it as walking through the fire. You just have to do it!"

This applies to running and real life :).

Lets do this!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Big thoughts

Not exactly sure where I found this, but I wanted to keep this in mind:

Face your fears. Become the person you need to become in order to achieve the goals and dreams you want to achieve. Control what you can, cope with what you can't, and concentrate on what counts. Never give up on what is important to you...but make sure you know what that is.