Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week 12: BIH Training

This week I finally did exactly what you put on the schedule for this week.
Monday I did my run - very humid, but I got about 4 miles in
Wednesday I did my Magic Mile at 8:07.  Not at all my fastest.  (actually quite slow compared to my best of about 7:30 MM.  The rest of the run I ran with one of my new running buddies.
Today I did my speed work (pace work).  Goal pace 4:15
repeat 1:  2;04; 2:06 = 4:10 TOO FAST
repeat 2:  2:01; 2:13 = 4:14 slightly too fast
repeat 3:  2:09; 2:08 = 4:17 slightly too slow (this was a miss management at the end)
repeat 4:  2:09; 2:06 = 4:15 right on!
repeat 5:  2:06; 206 =  4:12 (too fast, but consistent speed for entire 800).
repeat 6:  2:07; 2:08 = 4:15 right on!
repeat 7:  2:04; 2:13 = 4:17 too slow (miss management at the end)
repeat 8:  2:01; 2:15 - 4:16 (slightly too slow, but again not a tired slow down)
repeat 9:  2:06; 2:09 = 4:15 right on!
3 were right on.  I found that I tended to go out too fast in the first lap and then try to compensate in the second lap.
Coach, what should I do differently?
Overall I am pleased with the week.  It makes a HUGE difference when I get out there and do the run on the days and the times that I set out to do them. 

The humidity has messed with me this week, but my speed work went fairly well.
I think the goal is to get more of a 2:07 and a 2:08 for each lap of my pace work.
Thanks for reading!  Have an awesome day.  Go out there and enjoy the weather.. if it's hot, then just enjoy being out and if it's nice go enjoy a nice run.