Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week 13 - BIH Half: 13.1 training miles

Hi all!  This week I got my runs in on Monday and Wednesday.

Monday I ran at 5am with my new running buddy.  I've been looking for someone who will meet me so early (on a consistent basis).  I'm very grateful for someone to talk with so early.  This is my "sure fire" way to get me out there.  I know that if someone is waiting for me I WILL make it out no matter what I feel like when I first get up in the morning.  We ran at least 4 miles.  It felt really good and I'm pleased with the effort and the result.

Wednesday I ran by myself.  I had 40-60 minutes on the schedule.  I decided to do 6.2 miles which took slightly longer than the 60 minutes, but I did a 10K in about 1:06 minutes.  I wasn't trying to break any time goals or anything.  It was a relaxed run.

Friday I had intended to do a 8.5 mile "moon run" near the Bird in Hand half marathon course.  I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to do this, but had 12.5 miles on the schedule and I live an hour away from this run.  It would have been super cool and I would have met some neat people (some of them were notable cool people).  The complicating factor would have been that I need to get at least 4 extra miles in before the run.  I don't know the area (other than running the race last year).  I decided against it.

Saturday, this morning, I woke up just before 5am (which is technically sleeping in for me as I try to get up at 4:00am or 4:30am on the weekdays.  Who would have ever thought that 5am would be sleeping in...  Anyway, I got all my running gear ready (water, etc) and headed out the door.  I decided to run most of the Harrisburg Half marathon course since that's the typical place I run.  I did the entire run in just over 2:30.  This was by design as my e-coach Chris (and Jeff Galloway) believes that it is important that we run slower for long runs.  My target pace was 12:00 min miles.  I was just every so slightly faster than that.

I was walking around Giant today getting our groceries for the week and I was almost feeling guilty for how amazing my legs feel after the run.  Thank you  +Jeff Galloway

The only major thing that I would change is my nutrition.  Fortunately this did not impact me in a huge way on the run, but I did not fuel before the run and I had no gels for during the run.  All I took in was water.  Next time (in two weeks), I'll be more prepared.