Saturday, August 23, 2014

19 miles: Bird in Hand Half Marathon Training

This week went very well.  I ended up doing three training runs during the week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).  Thursday was completely a social run.  I could have run faster, but I chose not to since I had 19 miles on the schedule for Saturday (and Coach Chris said to not run fast on any extra runs).

My Monday run was a group run.  We had three of us and we did an easy 3 miler.

Tuesday run was more challenging because we did a run that had portions that I had never done before.  We had a great view and it was awesome (just like the rest of my runs).  This was a group run as well.  See a theme here?  This run was 5 miles, but it felt really good.  Afterwards I accepted the ice bucket challenge.  I did this because I was challenged by one of my friends that I ran with both on Monday and Tuesday.  I knew this would happen eventually... but it was because I opened my big mouth.  This truly felt good after a somewhat challenging and hilly 5 mile run.

Thursday we did 4 miles.  This was again a social run and nothing out of the ordinary needs reported.  Felt awesome and I kept it a social run even though I know I was capable of running with some of my friends that were a little faster, but I kept my word.  I said I would not run fast on my extra social run so I didn't :-).

Today, Saturday was a fantastic 19 miler run.  I ran the first about 7 miles by myself.  Then I met up with my running buddy to run the other 11-12 miles.  This was fantastic because it helped me have the support when I needed it.  Notable things about this run:  we saw several deer at three different times (pays to get out there early!) 

So how do I feel?  I'm writing this blog about 3 hours after I finished and I am feeling strong.  I did get an ice bath which helped my legs a lot.  Overall, I'm very pleased with how things went.  My running buddy asked me what I thought about my goal for a sub 2 hour half marathon.  I believe I said something to the effect that I am fully confident that I will get a new personal record of faster than 2:15 minutes.  I'm uncertain about getting faster than 2 hours, but I know that if everything lines up (weather and how things going race morning).  What I do know is that the confidence that going almost a 10K beyond the race distance really helps me realize that I am strong enough to do this.

Next week I have repeats (14x800).  Then the following week is Bird in Hand Half Marathon.  I'm super excited that my training has gone so well.  I will keep you posted.