Saturday, August 9, 2014

Week 17: 16 miles BIH Half

This week went very well in regards to my training.  On Tuesday I met up with friends to run 4 miles.  This was run at a "chill" pace and we enjoyed talking.  Part way through the run we switched the people we were running with and it was a nice change of pace.

Wednesday it ended up being just one of my running buddies that could make it.  This run was very interesting as I had never run just with this running friend.  I found out as we were running that she has a very good pace for me (for shorter runs).  I ended up not using walk breaks (just because it was a short run and I was feeling good).  We ended up running a fairly fast for me pace of just slightly over 9 minute miles.  This was encouraging because if I can do this on a 4 mile run without walk breaks then I knew that I am getting stronger and faster.

Today was an amazing 16 mile run.  I started out the first 6.5 miles by myself.  I was very thankful for my Knuckle Lights as it was quite dark.  I met up with my running buddy at Wildwood Lake and we went around the lake for the first 3 miles (gets me up to 9.5).  We went the "typical way" around the lake (starting on the foot path).  We had fun with the hills and we eat them for breakfast (at least that's what I told my friend).

After stopping at the cars for a few seconds we went back on the toe path and then ran towards HACC.  On the way back to the car (we went back via the toe path again) we saw a deer.  This was between 6 and 7am that this happened.  I also saw several deer on this same path earlier in the morning.  It ends up that I did a total of three loops around Wildwood.  I did it the "hard" way twice and the "easy" way once.

I feel so good after this 16 mile run.  This is encouraging since last week I had such a hard time with my repeats.  I used the 2:30/1 for the entire run.  Again, I feel amazing and I'm so grateful for my friend who ran those last 9.5 miles with me.  I truly believe I could have kept going.

Next week I have repeats and the following week I have 19 miles.  Yes, 19 miles on the schedule for a half marathon (13.1 miles).  The cool thing about this is that I will be going almost a 10K beyond the race distance.  I will use this to help propel me into a sub 2 hour half marathon.  Regardless of the actual race result, my training has been a tremendous success.