Saturday, August 16, 2014

week 18: track work 13x800's

This was a great running week for me.  I did 3 runs during the week and my pace work this morning.

Monday I chose to not run because I had friends to meet up with on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.  I felt like a slacker so I did not meet for the Tuesday AM run.  Kinda felt bad about this so I did end up going out for a 5 mile very, very wet run.  It felt awesome.  The only thing notable is that it was pouring and there were only a few other runners out there.  Since we were running in the pouring rain I gave one of my fellow runners a high five.  We are crazy enough to be out there... we might as well enjoy it!  Bottom line, ran 5 miles on Tuesday afternoon.

Then Wednesday morning I met up with TNT friends.  We did a "nice and easy" 4 mile run.  This run was great because we all stayed together and talked.  My running buddies are awesome... and they even got up at 5:30am for this run :-).

Thursday was a very "chill" run as I already ran twice this week.  We kept the pace of extremely conversational and more like a long run pace.  It ended up being 3.5 miles and I felt wonderful afterwards.  Again, so thankful for the conversation.

Today I did 13 repeats of 800 meters.  It felt amazing due to the mental preparation and the reality that it was MUCH cooler and I did it starting as soon as the sun came up this morning.  I was pretty much done by 7:30am this morning.

Here are the specifics:
1:  2:16; 2:08 = 4:24 (not sure what happened... guess I was just warming up?
2:  2:08; 2:14 = 4:26 (warmup I guess)
3: 2:02; 2:15 = 4:17 (2 seconds too slow)
4.  2:08; 2:09 = 4:17 (close!)
5.  2:07; 2:09 = 4:16 closer!
6: 2:02; 2:10 = 4:12
7: 2:08; 2:06 = 4:14
8: 2:02; 2:14 = 4:16
9: 2:06; 2:11 = 4:17
10: 2:09; 2:12 = 4:21
11: 2:04; 2:11 = 4:15 (perfect!)
12: 2:01; 2:10= 4:11
13: 2:01; 2:04 = quite fast for my last repeat!

 Overall I was very pleased with how the whole week went (outside of sleeping in Tuesday AM).  I didn't run too many of the miles at a "fast for me" pace (other than of course the speed work).

I am excited to crush my 19 mile training run next Saturday.  I need to be home and showered by 9:30am so I'll have a very early day, but that's how I like it.  Can't wait!  I'll be starting from home and running 8-9 and the meeting up with the same friend that ran with me two weeks ago.