Sunday, September 14, 2014

recovery week

Ok, so this week has been mostly rest.  I have only gone out for two runs this week.  The first one was a very slow very short distance of 2 miles.

My second run was 6 miles today.  I was able to push my daughter in the stroller.  I did sub 10:30min miles for the run.  I was pretty proud of myself and very grateful that I pulled this off.  It was a "daddy/daughter run date."  I pushed her in the stroller.  I'm very curious of there is a "correct" or "best/better way" to push a stroller.  I plan to run a half marathon next year pushing my daughter so I better find out :-).

Anyway, this week was very scattered as the rest of my life impacted my running.  I know that I must run or else the rest of my life gets way out of balance.  Looking forward to running with friends at 5:30am Monday morning.

Thanks for reading and I have an exciting race announcement for next week... let's just say I'll be running another marathon before the end of 2014.  Have a great Sunday!