Monday, December 8, 2014

Running thoughts for 2015

Nate’s purpose for running in 2015
-       Stay in shape both mentally and physically
-       The social aspect of running is super important to my relationships
-       When I commit to running with someone it is important to follow-through even when it feels challenging.
-       I love running and it makes the rest of my life “go round”
-       Specific plan: run 2-3 times per week about 3-5 miles.  On most Saturdays run 8-10 miles.  Stay in half marathon shape.  Once summer comes ramp things up for the Bird in hand half marathon
-       The only race I have on the schedule other than BIH is the Capital Area 10 miler.  I won’t be racing any other 5K’s or 10K’s this Winter/Spring

-       I may run the Harrisburg Marathon in November, but this is a big question mark – part of me wants to do better than I did in 2014.