Saturday, April 22, 2017

Galloway Customize Training Week 6

Galloway Customize Training Week 6

This week was AWESOME! I was able to improve my Magic Mile by 40 seconds. I think this is pretty significant and I was very proud of my effort.

Wednesday I did 6 hills and it went very well. The hill is 162 ft gain in about 200 steps.

Today Saturday, I did 8 miles. Felt really great. It was raining slightly. Used :30/:30 ratio.
Here's info:

Thanks for reading. Looking forward to next week!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Galloway Customize Training Week 5

This week I was able to do a tempo run and my first hill workout!

I'm not sure if sharing my exact results is helpful or not, but here's the link for my tempo run.
 I was able to hold a pace that was faster than what my last magic mile would have projected.

In the coaching video call on Tuesday, I was able to resolve to issues I was having. Coach Chris shared how I could make my shoes not slip. I was having trouble with my right shoe rubbing and causing problems. I also upgraded my socks which really helped.

On Wednesday morning I headed out without my Garmin to do my hill workout. I did the bottom 1/4 of a hill that I used to think of as somewhat challenging, but this drill makes running it fun. Since I like to eat hills for breakfast :-). I made sure that I shortened up my stride and that helped keep me strong.

Thursday and Friday I just made sure that I got as close to my 10K steps for my fitbit as possible. No real exercise happened on these days (per the schedule).

This afternoon I went to Messiah College to do my 6x 400's.
the target was 2:42 according to the calculation of a 9:30 Magic Mile.
My times for the 6 laps were:
1 - 2:45
2 - 2:36
3 - 2:32
4 - 2:32 (yes exactly the same as repeat 3)
5- 2:26
6- 2:34

Looks like it ranged from 2:26 up to 2:45. My target was 2:42

Since it was "fairly easy" to run faster than the 2:42 and I was able to run faster than the targeted race pace during Monday's tempo run I will be running a new Magic Mile on Monday.

I'm not going to allow myself to be overly stressed about the result, but I'm going to give it a lot more effort and push myself. I will let you know the result next week!

I hope these are helpful to understand my experience of being coached by Coach Chris. I keep saying that it's all about accountability. I put myself out there to see what I can accomplish. My running impacts every other aspect of my life so I'm looking forward to seeing how all of this works out in the next 5 months!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Galloway Customize Training Week 4

This week didn't go as planned. I was able to get two of the three scheduled workouts done. I'm struggling to get out the door in the morning on the specific days that I have workouts on the schedule. Mondays are drill work, Wednesdays have been hill work (which I've skipped) and Saturdays have been the long run or track work.

This week I did the run scheduled for Monday on Wednesday. I was fueled very poorly so I cut the run off at 30 minutes.

Hill running I struggling to make happen. I think that I'm making it out to be something bigger than it is and I'm having issues actually doing it. I need to get my act together with this.

My long run this week was 7 miles. I did this today in the afternoon. It went well and I felt really good. I used :30/:30 ratio and I listened to podcasts. If you want to see the specific details about my run it's here: 

Part of the reason why I chose to do the customized training was because I wanted the accountability and I restarted my weekly blogging about my running. I like the daily emails and texts telling me what I the next workout will be.

I look forward to sharing more next week!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Galloway Customize Training Week 3

My effort level wasn't the highest during this week. Fortunately I ended the week well.

I had a good mid-day run on Monday. It was my first tempo run. The details are:

I skipped my midweek run which was hills. I simply didn't get up and do them. I take full responsibility for this one. Part of the reason I wanted to pay for the customized training was to minimize/eliminate times I miss.

Today was 400-meter repeats. My target time was 2:42. I ended up not running at that pace, but slightly faster. I need to figure out if my magic mile was just slower than it should have been or if I just need to train myself to run at that pace (which was hard while on the track).

400-meter repeats side by side

I felt the 400's were easy. I did not feel pushed and yet I was going faster than I was supposed to for that activity. I'm guessing that we'll modify this for the next time. 

Thanks for reading and I'll share more next time! Next Saturday I have 7 miles on Saturday.