Saturday, April 1, 2017

Galloway Customize Training Week 3

My effort level wasn't the highest during this week. Fortunately I ended the week well.

I had a good mid-day run on Monday. It was my first tempo run. The details are:

I skipped my midweek run which was hills. I simply didn't get up and do them. I take full responsibility for this one. Part of the reason I wanted to pay for the customized training was to minimize/eliminate times I miss.

Today was 400-meter repeats. My target time was 2:42. I ended up not running at that pace, but slightly faster. I need to figure out if my magic mile was just slower than it should have been or if I just need to train myself to run at that pace (which was hard while on the track).

400-meter repeats side by side

I felt the 400's were easy. I did not feel pushed and yet I was going faster than I was supposed to for that activity. I'm guessing that we'll modify this for the next time. 

Thanks for reading and I'll share more next time! Next Saturday I have 7 miles on Saturday.